Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cadillac Seville Stretch

Here is something that I have never seen before. A custom made long-wheelbase Seville. I have seen many variations on the first generation Sevilles made 1975-1979, but never a 1980-1985 Seville like this one. The quality of the paint and body, and the level of fit and finish are first-rate. It looks to have been coach built when the car was new. I did some research, and I think this may be a "Opera Sedan" built by Grandeur Motor Car Corp. The roof line has been modified as well. I spotted this pimped-out specimen in front of a pizza pallor in Pleasanton, CA. No doubt he will be ordering his pizza with every topping available.

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  1. We used to Build these in Florida back in the early eighties. The previous body style to. I know where the frame jig and fender molds are to this day!